Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life Happens

Wow, I now realize why I enjoyed my summer of stamping so much - when I'm working and the kids are in school, I have no time to myself. I haven't had a chance to stamp in over two weeks and I'm dyin here! After I enter this blog, I'm heading to Michael's and JoAnn's. I have been eyeing the Marvy Uchida scallop punches with envy for a while now and just hadn't bought them because I couldn't justify spending the money. Now that I'm working I'm going to give myself a gift and I'm hoping to be able to use that gift later today!!

Speaking of work - I made it through the first week at my new job as a temp. I like the firm and the people, but they really don't have a lot of work for me to do. This is supposed to be a three to five week assignment, with no opportunity for a permanent position. HOWEVER!!! I have two - yup, two!!! interviews on Tuesday for permanent positions. One is with the original firm I interviewed with over a month ago - this will be the third time I will have interviewed with them - third time's the charm, right? I am also interviewing with a different firm for a secretarial/word processor position with the lead attorney in the firm. The appealing part about this position is that it's only part time. I have been told it would be around 30 hours a week. LOL, is this the "feast or famine" deal? Am I going to go from having nothing to being in a temp position and getting two offers? I would love to be able to hear from both of them that they are interested and that I get to choose between the two.

Got the wheels put on the truck - I love the look!

S says I "done good" and that it looks great. See below for the "before" picture.

OK, I'm outta here - I'm goin shoppin!


Barbara Vogt said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Karen! I hope the very best job for you materializes from the interviews next week. Isn't La Jolla a bit of a drive?

Karen said...

good luck with your upcoming interviews!!

Emily - WaterPixie said...

WOOT! THe truck looks AWESOME!

And, girl!! You totally deserve those scallop punches!

Good luck with the interviews! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

All I got was the square ones - I still want the circles and ovals!!!