Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Taking a Step Back

I have decided that I won't delete this blog entirely, but I won't be posting to it in the near future, either. I've often wondered how many true readers I have. In my post yesterday I mentioned that I was at a crossroads and asked for comments or suggestions. LOL, I guess I got my answer because as of now, I still have no comments. That's okay, I never started this for anyone else, but for me.

I have already taken unsubscribed from the StampingTop50.com counter, and will be doing the same with the stamping.toplisted.net counter after I post this entry.

To those of you who have actually kept up with me here, I appreciate you and your support!!


Kathy said...

Karen -

I've been coming to check to see if you've been able to find time to stamp since finding full time employment. I have 3 children (8,11,13), and I don't work outside of the home, but I too have problems finding time to stamp for just ME. Your creations and wonderful attitude have been great - thank you so much for sharing. I wish you the best whether you decide to continue blogging or not.

Kathy (aka Koopdedoo on SCS)

Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm feeling the pressure you are under. There have been HUGE changes in your life in the past year, and anyone would be feeling like they were treading water at this point. (I'm the wife of a retired Naval officer, 20 years active, 12 major moves, two overseas, 3 deploying tours, and now almost 2 years retired.)

It's funny how you can have a thin bond with someone, and in your heart you think of that person as a friend. I find myself thinking about you from time to time, wondering if, and hoping you are loving your job as much as you were hoping. You are a very talentedl stamper, and it would be a shame not to be able to see your work, so I would love to see your blog continue, even if it is an occasional posting, and even fewer card postings, HOWEVER... you MUST do what is best for you and your family.

My SCS name, paws2ink means two things. First it refers to the fact that everytime I stamp, I walk away with ink on my fingers- every time! Second, that I have to make the time, to purposely 'pause' my life to find time to go to my stamp room and DO IT. Sometimes it comes down to the 'BIG ANNOUNCEMENT", "I am going down to stamp!" My family respects that, and even the 7-yo understands that if Mommy doesn't have time to play once in awhile, she gets grumpy. (The kid has the same issues!)

I guess I am trying to say, even if you don't continue the blog, keep stamping. Remember that you have made an impression 'out here', and that if you discontinue the blog, I will wonder how you are doing, and will always wish the best for you. (Sounds like a martyred Dear John letter, LOL!!, but it is sincere.)

Do you know what I love about being 40? It is that I can make my own decisions, and if someone doesn't agree with them, that's okay, because this is MY life, MY family, and MY time to manage. We are so afraid of hurting or offending 'the others', that sometimes we make decisions that are not the BEST for ourselves and our families. Hang in there, girlfriend. No fear. You know best what to do. I support you all the way.

Blessings! Dawna

Aimee said...

I check your blog out everyday and will miss your postings.... good luck on whatever life has planned for you....

Anonymous said...


mjb coffee said...

srvqgI think I know somewhat of how you are feeling, and I want to give you a little encouragement. Use your blog or a little bank book and everyday write 5 positive things that were said to you or done for you or for someone else. Keep it in the car with you, so while you are waiting for someone to come and take advantage of your "taxi" service. Use any down time to think about the stamps you would like to use, the colors, the papers you would like to use in making a card. My daughter and I find that if we do some planning like that and gather the items needed to make that card one evening. We find the few minutes where we can sit down and make a card or two the next evening. Enjoy the time you have and do what you can; just remember Rome was not built in a day.