Monday, July 31, 2006

Where to start?

Wow, long time no post. Life has been hectic, it's just finally starting to get back on track, and I've decided to continue this blog but with a stampin twist instead of just "me" stuff. I had contemplated not going forward with this, but I am at a point where I want to start exploring submitting things for publication, I am contemplating opening an online scrap store, and I want "more" out of what I am doing. I am going to continue with SU! as long as I can - but at the moment I am my own best customer as I haven't had time to start marketing since the move. Tomorrow we receive the rest of our furniture and stuff from storage, so I finally get my desk! I will take a few days to get my office back into shape, receive my *huge* order of new stuff from the SU! catty, and get my creative juices working again. I am actually dying to start working on my albums - more so than cards.

As I take the next few days to get things organized, let me leave you with this reminder ... Freedom is *not* free. Remember that while we are sitting here enjoying all the luxuries we have in life that there are men and women serving our country around the world. You may not agree with the war or the reason we are in remote areas of the world, but please, please always support our troops.