Friday, May 05, 2006

We have a house!

Wow, it's a whirlwind. I am finding it more and more stressful as time goes by before our move. I'm trying to stay focused and relax, but there is so much going on. We finally sold the car, but haven't even decided what we're going to do with the van. We are down to only 16 days on-island - we need to figure something out quick! G is doing well biding his time on the varsity golf team, C is depressed and doesn't want to leave. She cries at the drop of a hat. S is worried about money, and I'm just ready for it all to be over... plus, on top of everything else, I go in for surgery next Wednesday!

At least we have some good news. We found a house! I should say, Annette found a house! I was looking online at ads and found an open house last weekend that looked interesting - no pics, just the ad. Some good friends of ours who are alread stationed at Miramar went and looked at it for us - we had already discussed them looking for a house for us - we totally trust their judgment. They said if we didn't take it, they would try to figure out a way to get out of their lease to take it - that had to say something! Originally the rent was $1995 but someone else put in an offer to rent it for $2100, so that's what we have to end up paying. It is 4 br, 3 bath, 2 car garage, 2 story, approx 2400 sq ft (that's twice the size of our apartment here!), dining, living, family rooms, covered patio.... I'm so excited!!! I get my office!!!!! LOL, the family will never see me! It's a relief to know that we already have an address and someplace to put our heads once we get our stuff in mid-June.

S and I went to Bonten today - he, G and I are all getting new tattoos before we leave here. C is begging for one, but I keep reminding her that she just turned 12. "But G is only 15." True, but he's still older. Truth be told, I don't see much harm in it, especially what she wants, but her dad had an absolute fit and refuses. It's probably a good thing. :) We are all three getting shisa dogs - mine on my left shoulder on either side of my kanji that I already have, S on his right arm/shoulder, and G wants them with the island of Okinawa in the middle and on his right shoulderblade. The only reason we are allowing him to go through with this here is because shisas are traditional to Okinawa and for him to get it done here instead of in the states will mean something. He has thought long and hard about it, knows the significance of it being there for a lifetime, etc... he should, between us S and I have 9.... if he was only wanting some tribal or something to do with sports, etc., I don't think we would allow it at this age. But I think the four years here has been a significant part of their lives, and he will look back on it years from now with fond memories. Besides, if he is serious and we don't take him to have it done someplace where we trust, just about any studio on this island will do it for him without any parental consent.

We had planned on stopping in Tokyo for a few days on the way back to the states and staying at the New Sanno Hotel. Fujiko and her family wanted us to stay for a day or so... they have now asked us to stay the whole time with them. They will pick us up from the airport on Sunday, Monday we go to Disney (Sea or Land, haven't decided yet), Tuesday we are going to ride the train and go shopping, and Wednesday we leave for the states. Can't wait to REALLY experience the culture!