Friday, March 31, 2006

Spending Money

I'm going to convention!! LOL, I''ve known for a while that I was picked to be a Make N Take helper at this year's Stampin' Up! Convention, Session I, but last night I got a roommate! It's funny that GMTA! I had been thinking of sending a message to someone on the boards and funny enough, she sent me a message first! She asked if I would like to room with her and we have decided we're going to do it! I'm stressing about my swaps though. All my stuff is going to be packed up in our TMO Household Goods shipment on 17 April - before the retired list comes out on 01 May. So, I have to GUESS as to which sets will be retired or which mini catty sets will make it to the catty - I would hate to end up would be difficult to swap because the set didn't make it to the new catty. I also have to figure out what colors, etc., that I want to use so I can keep them out of the shipment too! I am thinking maybe I'll just order one or two of the new hostess sets that we will be able to buy in May, I think - that would solve everything I guess.
I REALLY need to stamp - hopefully tomorrow if I get the house cleaned first!

I just spent $120 on CTMH today - I love their scrapping papers, and in March if you spent $40 you got a free stamp set. So I spent $120 on papers, got 3 free sets (alphas and numbers) and a friend of mine put some in too so that I got hostess benefits. I still love my SU! though!

C is off on her Yoron Island trip - she is doing a culture program with 140 American kids from Okinawa and 300 Japanese kids from mainland Japan. She's been gone since Thursday and gets home Monday night. S finally gets home from Korea on Monday also. G is out running around and I am going to an art auction tonight - LOL, that's where the spending money comes in to play! Although CTMH was part of it too! I have wanted stuff from Kanda's the entire time I have been here and have yet to buy any - maybe tonight I can finally get a couple of pieces. Funny that S is in Iwakuni and at a bazaar - he calls and says "I'm in the middle of all this Kanda's crap - what do you want?" Once again we're on the same wavelength - seems to happen a lot during our 18 years of marriage!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Joining the Revolution

So this is something that I have thought about doing for a long time - guess it's time I join the revolution. My life as a stamping, scrapbooking, Marine Corps wife - I also happen to resemble a taxi driver - at least my kids think so! Funny how when I want something my 15 yr old doesn't want anything to do with me, but when he wants something from me - be it a ride, money, or some other sort of favor he just expects it will happen, and on his time schedule. Hopefully this will evolve into a serious stamping and scrapping blog. Right now I don't have much time to do either one - we are currently in Okinawa, Japan, and have been here for the past 3.5 years - but are soon moving back to the states to MCAS Miramar. With the move will be my own room - LOL, I don't think the family will ever see me again! G has his "bat cave" - I'll have to figure out what my room will be called.... any suggestions?