Sunday, October 08, 2006

Off to the Fair

I have been settling down into the working mom roll. I *still* haven't had a chance to stamp although I get to stamp on my business cards this morning... at least it's stamping but *not* what I want to do!

I am on my way to the Carmel Mountain Ranch Fall Festival today to try to drum up some business. We're not selling anything handmade - we're promoting our businesses.

I still haven't done any parties since moving here and am at the moment my own best customer. LOL, I *really* don't mind having to buy stuff to stay active *grin* but with the changes to the demonstrator reimbursement plan that were made in July, I don't know if I will ever make money off of my downline again unless things change. I am hoping that going to the Festival today will start that change.

As for the job front. The 3rd interview went okay, I still don't know anything definite with them. I went to another firm that had a part time position I really wanted but they didn't want me. The firm I am temping with has asked if I would like to work with them full time. We are going to discuss things tomorrow. I would really love to put the uncertainty to rest!

I'll check in later tonight after the Fair!

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Joan said...

Karen, good luck on the job front. Really, if only your hubby had been transferred to DC, you'd have been hired months ago. Paralegals are sought after here. And one who stamps? My DH would have hired you in a heartbeat!!